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All photographs copyrighted
©roweneweems+8th Art Studio, LLC

​HOW I SEE                  

I am not interested in shooting new things- I am interested to see things anew.  -Ernst Haas.

I sometimes feel my camera is an extension of my body--it has always been a  dynamic tool for artistic expression, exploration, and experimentation.  It seems through the lens I gain a deeper understanding and connection with the world.  

I work in series/portfolios, being drawn to exploring different styles and moods.  The series Poetry & Motion is a deeply visceral experience for me. It is created in-camera (ICM) and reflects my lifelong attraction to impressionist painters and the partially rendered sketches of the masters. Like them, I hope these images create an element of mystery and move the viewer to feel the energy of a captured moment. Photographer Ernst Haas put it beautifully when he explained why he chose motion to liberate his work:

...In music one remembers never one tone, but a melody, a theme, a movement. In dance, never a moment, but again, the beauty of a movement in time and space...

The Workers of the World series highlights the often overlooked individuals who help make our world go around. I began intentionally asking their names during Covid when it was obvious how important they were continuing to make life seem somewhat normal.

I have been surrounded by art all my life.  I received a BA in Fine Arts from Kenyon College, with additional art study at Boston Museum School and the University of Colorado. My continued photographic development includes workshops at Santa Fe Photography Workshops and Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Over the last 30 years, my work has won awards, and been part of many group exhibits, solo exhibitions, competitions and private collections around the country, including  Praxis Gallery, New York Center for Photographic Art, SE Center for Photography exhibits, Nicolaysen Art Museum, PhotoPlace Gallery, A. Smith Gallery.  Work has been published in several publications, including  Princeton Press, Tippet Rise Art Center Book and Architectural Digest. Other professional work includes events, architecture, and portraits. 

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